Inner State Theatre

Andy Andrews and Christine Bissell are INNER STATE ... as usual !!

A comedy double act who work hard but are the most relaxed performers around - even after working together since 1992. Seasoned performers who always look like they're having a great time and are an asset to any event.

Audience participation is a vital part of the act, whether they are doing a theatre show, playing music, or attempting to mix and mingle with the crowd. They claim that they can cope with anything ... except silence!

Take a look at their facebook page for up-to-date news of gigs and events...

Inner State Theatre

Inner State is well known at maritime events around the country and has a variety of suitable acts, barmy characters and promenading boats for you.

Inner State Theatre

Boats With Legs
There is now a dockyard of boats from which you can choose the most suitable for your event. The two characters aboard are slightly unhinged and accompanied by a puppet ready to amuse the children and insult the adults.

Beside The Seaside
Meet Punch and Judy out for a promenade, or settle down to watch a jolly seaside show with songs, or maybe ferocious pirates.

Inner State Theatre
Inner State Theatre

In the tradition of British comedy, Inner State is skilled in taking an irreverent look at our illustrious and sometimes disastrous history. Nothing is spared!

Inner State Theatre

Costumed Characters
Interactive characters, often accompanied by a loud, bad tempered puppet. Suitable for various themes and historical periods.

Trot-About Hobby Horses
Two very fetching hobby horses, with a variety of riders to suit specific themes.

Truncated Theatre
Comic sketches, with a smattering of song, audience participation and general chaos. Surprisingly informative, if you can separate the facts from the nonsense.

What Did You Do In The War, Harry?
Our two spivs do their bit for the war effort.

What's new?
Inner State is constantly adding new roaming acts and shows to its repertoire. Here are the latest additions.

Inner State Theatre Inner State Theatre

Full length comedy shows for village halls, community centres and arts centres. An evening of stupidity with music not for the 'high-brow'!

Inner State Theatre

... if you're organising an event with a specific theme, or set in a particular historic period try the following links as well, to see what's on offer.

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