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Inner State Theatre - The Wind in the Willows

By Kenneth Grahame, adapted by Andy Andrews

Inner State present Wind in the Willows

Inner State presents a charming retelling of Kenneth Grahame's classic story, using a mixture of narration, puppetry and audience participation.

Narrated by Andy the story unfolds of Ratty the Water Vole, and his adventures on the riverbank with his wonderful chums Mole, Badger and that irrepressible and lovable rascal Toad. Meanwhile Christine is sometimes behind the scenes animating the story with her collection of puppets and props but sometimes joining in with the action too.

For some it will be a new and exciting story and to others it may bring back memories of hearing it as a child. Whoever you are and whatever age it remains a timeless and delightful tale of adventure and above all unconditional friendship.

Inner State Theatre
Inner State Theatre - The Mayflower Inner State Theatre - The Mayflower

A new roaming entertainment for the Mayflower400 celebrations. Henry and Lydia have travelled a long way to join their fellow pilgrims on The Mayflower and were looking forward to their new life across the pond. Lydia is worried, however, because she’s never been to sea; Henry can’t swim and the dog will probably be sick. Unfortunately it looks like they’ve missed the boat (in more ways than one!) because they got held up on the way and there’s been a mix up with the tickets! What now? Can anyone help this hapless pair?

Inner State Theatre - Crazy Croquet
Inner State playing crazy croquet

The Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts have set up a croquet court. This is intended to replicate the game played in Alice in Wonderland but instead of using real flamingos the mallets have flamingos on them and there is a choice of playing with hedgehogs or proper balls. Designed for adults and children who are capable of using a croquet mallet. Any misbehaviour and The Mad Hatter will be issuing yellow, or even red cards! Watch out for The Queen who likes to get a look in but is inclined to cheat.

Suitable tea and jam tarts breaks taken during the day because The Mad Hatter can't go for long before needing a cuppa and anything could happen if The Queen is left in sole charge!

Inner State has successfully run this at Lincoln Castle and Make My Day in Morecambe in 2019 and it is now in the repertoire. Requires time to set it up, must be on grass and up to four people playing each game. The court can be denoted by suitable fencing and bunting if necessary to enclose the playing area ... and it keeps the hedgehogs from wandering off !

* Truncated Theatre

* Costumed characters

A pink flamingo with a knitted hedgehog - Inner State Theatre